Physical & Digital Art certified on the Blockchain

Digital certificates of authenticity

NFT's are tokenized versions of an asset, digital or otherwise. They can be used to represent nonfungible assets like artwork or collectibles or used in online applications & games. The security level of the blockchain makes NFT's ideal to provide for certificates of authenticity that could be implemented in many use cases. Providing Digital certificates to art makes it safe & easy for owners to auction, sell or transfer ownership without any intermediate party.

Verified content

All NFT's are created on verified ethereum contracts and can be looked up in block explorers like Etherscan or Ethplorer. To avoid fraudulous or fake tokens and make it even easier to check, a list of all minted assets is provided here including their token ID.
Xentrium has also been granted the "verified artist" badge on rarible, which are limited in quantity.

Redeemable tokens

Some types of Raribles can contain unlockable data such as passwords, secret messages or links to downloadable files. This locked content can only be accessed or viewed by the current owner of the token. By transferring the asset, the new owner will obtain the rights to the locked content.